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sam winchester is sO CUTE //rips shirt off and runs into the sun 


with his lil mannerisms and the fact that he likes peanut butter and banana sandwiche s and throws popcorn at dean when they watch movies and !!!! falls asleep to soft rock in the car!!!!!!!! and his dimples omg and like when he does dumb little brother things like get gleeful when dean embarrasses himself or wryly amused when people hit on dean in front of him ;u; and gosh gosh the fact that sam loves dogs! AND THE WAY HE LEANS ON DOOR-JAMBS AND STICKS HIS HIP OUT, lil bab omg! also the way his hair curls up that little bit at the ends and also like. those stickers he had on his very first laptop in s1, what even were those, saM U DORK

he’S SO CUTE HE’S THE CUTEST SWEETIE BAB i just can’T with him 


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I’ve got a little something in my eye


can we appreciate the fact that dean smith thought sam wesson was hitting on him?


that’s canon. that happened

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a song
“hey jude” by the beatles

“our names are dean and sam winchester. we’re named after your parents. when i would get sick, you would make me tomato-rice soup, because that’s what your mom made you. and instead of a lullaby, you would sing “hey jude”, ‘cause that’s your favorite beatles song.”

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If Dean could bring one character back it would be his father. -Jensen

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 ”And you’re an angel.”

"Poor example of one.”

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Best Winchester Brotherly Bonding Scenes

Sam is really worried about Dean. But he is also well aware of how much Dean dislikes talking about his emotional state and how stubborn Dean can be. So he calls Dean up from time to time to keep him updated about the case, but it’s clear that Sam is checking up on Dean to make sure he is doing okay. He even asks Dean to come and give him a hand even though we know Sam is capable of handling it himself. No matter how much tension they may have in their relationship at the moment, Sam’s love for Dean would always remain the same. 

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Wincest Awakening by RoseMadder777

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My boy builds coffins for better or worse
       Some say its a blessing, some say its a curse


When Benny first started dating Dean, he knew under that kindly teacher guise there was a kinky motherfucker - the years Benny had spent on the force had to be good for spotting something - and he knew that under that “I’m dating you, not your job” facade was a guy who had a ton of daddy bad cop roleplaying fantasies (which Benny was happy to indulge…deep down one of the reasons he became a cop was said fantasies).

What he didn’t know was how many times those sparkling green eyes, that dirty, dirty mouth, and those lush, pouty lips would wear him down past another level of “We can’t.”

We can’t use the work cuffs, Dean. 

I can’t get you your own uniform, Dean.

I can’t get you a prisoner’s uniform, Dean.

We can’t fuck in the squad car, Dean.

We can’t fuck in one of the interrogation rooms, Dean.

We can’t fuck in a jail cell, Dean.

We can’t have a threeway with my partner, Dean.

We can’t have a threeway with my lieutenant, Dean.

(what could he say - Dean was very popular at the station)

The one Benny was most resistant to was the nightstick. For a while he thought Dean was just making crude dick jokes, until Dean showed him one of his cop fetish movies. 

And yeah, the thought of that long, hard plastic weapon slowly sliding into Dean’s big, beautiful ass, fleshy cheeks quivering at the feeling of consuming another inch…that got Benny going good.

He told Dean it wasn’t like the movies, that yeah, Dean had dildos that made even Benny’s eyes pop and he had a lot of experience, but it wasn’t going to be the same, that it might not be safe, that sometimes, fantasy is better than reality.

This time, Dean didn’t push. He knew Benny’s limits. All he said, with a loving, warm smile, was, “I trust you. I trust you to keep me safe.” And he never brought it up again.

Benny sighed, because that fucker could get him to do anything.

On Dean’s birthday, once he’d read all the cards and taken all the happy  phone calls, he joined Benny in the bedroom for his surprise.

His surprise being a fleshlight, custom-made, that was pretty close to the real thing, closer than Dean thought possible. 

"Happy birthday to me," Dean grinned with pure awe, eyebrows raised as Benny grabbed him and began to tear at his shirt. 

And it was.

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